Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lisha Kill Preserve

Hi everyone,

This past Sunday was way too nice of a day not to get outdoors, so a quick trip to Lisha Kill brought me to the preserve.  The preserve, owned by the Nature Conservancy, is located in a small, hidden lot off of Rosendale Road.

The natural area consists of 108 acres of flowing streams, deep ravines and trees covered with moss.

Beautiful ferns can be found along the trails.

I can never resist a pretty tree canopy ...

The Grattan Family Trail begins to descend into a ravine.  Along the way we crossed foot bridges.  There is a small memorial plaque dedicated to the Grattan family.  

It was nice to walk down to the creek bed.

This single red leaf caught my eye.

The trail runs parallel for a while along the stream, passing a memorial bench which is a perfect spot to sit and take in the views.

No matter where I am hiking I can't seem to get away from my snake friends.

A pretty forest made up of birch, oaks, white pines and hemlocks.

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy this hidden area with a merry stream and forest ravine.  I hope you have enjoyed your stroll with me.
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