Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Wolf Creek Falls Preserve

Hi friends,

Today was such a beautiful day we went on a hike to the Wolf Creek Falls Preserve in the Town of Knox.  

This preserve has multiple cascading waterfalls as you wind through the woodland path.

There are several different trails to choose from which intersect and intertwine with each other both north and south of Bozenkill Road.

Stretches of old stone walls can be seen along the trail.  The property was once part of the Rensselaerywyck Estate.  In 1864 the Van Aukens started clearing the land and put up stone walls to raise sheep, providing wool for the Huyck Felt Mill. 

The hike was very peaceful, meandering through the woods. 

Half way into our hike we came upon a little picnic area and ate our lunch.  There was also a bird house nearby, but was vacant during our visit.

I couldn't resist taking a tree canopy photo.  

We came upon this bridge built by Dan Driscoll.  It was crafted to produce a tune if you stand on the platform and use a mallet to hit the planks.

I was surprised we didn't see any squirrels or chipmunks along the way; however, this little birdie stopped to say "Hello".

The hike was just shy of 3 miles and we stayed on the trail to avoid any poison ivy.

There is quite a bit of history behind the land, which was donated to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy.  

I hope you have a beautiful week!

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