Monday, September 29, 2014

Hiking Huyck Preserve

A visit last week to western Albany County brought us to the Edmund Niles Nuyck Preserve in Rensselaerville.  The most popular feature of this preserve is the Rensselaerville Falls, dropping gorgeously 120 feet in three different segments.  We hiked around the entire lake and preserve.

A short walk along Ten Mile Creek brings you to the base of the falls.

A sturdy footbridge provides a wonderful view.

Stone foundations are all that remain from the original site of the mill.

Turning away from the creek, the trail quickly heads up, passing the site of the original Huyck Felt Mill from 1870's.

A spur trail breaks off just past the mill giving a very picturesque view of the middle section of the Rensselaerville Falls.  You can see the wooden footbridge at the top of the falls.

Surrounded by gorgeous views.

The top of the falls are just as beautiful as the rest, just with a different perspective.

Waldron Overlook ~ June 2010

As I finished crossing the footbridge this mushroom caught my eye!

It was a phenomenal day to be out hiking.

Stone walls, property lines dating all the way back to the 18th century, can be found snaking through these woods.

A pretty tree canopy.

We walked around Lake Myosotis.  The East Side Trail wanders through the woods.

Simply a perfect day to enjoy some sunshine.

The Lincoln Pond Spillway marks the beginning of the trail that loops around the pond.

Lincoln Pond.

Loons soaking up the sun.

Purple flowers along the trail.

Before heading out I spotted these two deer.

The preserve is a wonderful hidden gem with abundant history and wildlife.  The leaves have really started to change over the past couple of days.  More trips are planned to enjoy this beautiful season.

Thank you for stopping to visit me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Climbing Mt. Jo

Hi everyone,

I took a few days off from work to enjoy the great outdoors.  One of my adventures was to hike to the top of Mt. Jo in the Adirondacks, near Lake Placid, NY.  This particular mountain has superior views of the high peaks and Heart Lake.  Mt. Jo is on the N shore of Heart Lake rising 710 ft. above the lake.  Peak elevation is 2,876.  I'm so glad it was a beautiful day to do this.

Please join me as we take a climb.

Starting the hike ...

Some rocks along the trail.

So peaceful as there wasn't anyone else on the trail.

Decided to take the Long Trail on the way up.

Excited to see the Summit sign!

Reaching the top.

A little tricky getting up these boulders.

Summit with Mt. Street behind it.

Finally, a view of Heart Lake.

Panning from the left - Mt. Cascade and Porter.

Mt. Big Slide and Yard.

Mt. Phelps and friends.

The big one, Mt. Marcy.

Mt. Colden with its slides.

Mt. Algonquin.

Mt. Wallface over Indian Pass.

Daydreaming and happy I made the climb.

Mountains to dream about ...

This little fella stole one of my Club crackers while I was looking at the view!

He was so cute and let me watch him eat it.

Gazing at Mt. Marcy and Colden.

Mt. Colden slides down to Avalance Lake.

Mt. Colden and Algonquin.

Mt. Algonquin with Wright to the left.

Mt. Marcy and Colden Tower over Whale's Tail.

Mt. Marcy close up.

The MacIntyre Range (Wright, Algonquin, Boundary, Iroquois and Marshall).

Farthest view to the Northeast.

View to the Northwest.

I'm still daydreaming as I overlook Heart Lake.

Such a spectacular view.

Mt. Marcy, Colden an Algonquin over Heart Lake.

Mt. Colden over Heart Lake.

Final look at Heart Lake from the summit.

Starting the descent with Mt. Phelps in the background.

Looking down at what's to come.  Yikes!

A steep start ...

Making progress down the Short Trail ...

Looking at Mt. Wallface.

Mt. Wallface again.

Getting closer to Heart Lake.

Postcard worthy!

I thought this tree growing on top of a boulder was rather interesting.

The fall foliage is starting to pop.  In a few weeks it will be peak season.

Pretty reds are starting to show their color.

Taking in the views of Heart Lake.

Enjoying some purple coneflowers while leaving the trail.

Beautiful pink blossoms!

I still can't believe I was able to do the climb.  I'm conditioning myself to be able to hike some of the 46ers.  If you're not familiar with the term, there are 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks that are all 4,000 feet or higher in elevation.  For each mountain you climb you can obtain a patch for your accomplishment.

Here's hoping you have enjoyed the views!
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