Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ART Skin Care System

Hello friends,

I think a lot of people are creatures of habit in the sense that if they find something that works why try something different, right?  A few months ago my face was feeling dry and I contributed it to the winter months and not the products I had been using.  Hmmm ... I started thinking perhaps it was time for a change.  I had been enjoying my new lavender lip balm, which I shared with all of you, so I decided to try the ART Skin Care System by Young Living.  ART stands for 'Age Refining Technology'.  To me that didn't really mean a whole lot I just wanted something that would hydrate my skin more.

OMG!  Talk about a change - I could kick myself now for not trying these products sooner.  ART products are formulated with plant-based ingredients and essential oils.

This is how the products are packaged.

The set comes with a Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner and Light Moisturizer.  Basically, the same items I was using before by another company.

Oh, the boxes and bottles are so pretty!

Gentle Cleanser

The cleanser washes away impurities with a soft, gentle lather without stripping your skin of natural oils.

Refreshing Toner

This toner is the perfect blend of essential oils.  It doesn't sting at all when applied and helps balance your skin's natural pH.

Light Moisturizer

A very light moisturizer that helps retain proper hydration.  When applying it does not feel oily at all - just what I need!

Some of the essential oils you will find in the ART Skin Care line are Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender and Melissa as well as Aloe Vera leaf juice.  All the things you need to feel clean, refreshed and silky soft.  Not to mention it smells great!

So I definitely need to be more open minded and try new things  :-) 

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