Saturday, April 13, 2019

Antique Candle Co.

Hello friends,

A while back I had posted about how I decided to switch from paraffin candles to soy and today I would like to share with you why I chose Antique Candle Co.

Antique Candle Co. (previously Antique Candle Works) offers high quality, artisan candles made from natural, domestically grown soy beans without any dyes.  Soy wax is non-toxic, eco-friendly, renewable and water soluble.  Did you know soy candles last longer?  They burn at a slower rate and can last almost 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle - Woo hoo!

I have discovered soy candles burn much cleaner without carcinogens and pollutants.  Antique Candle Co. uses cotton wicks for a clean and even burn.

Another beautiful thing about soy candles is their natural off-white color.  The raw color of this wax blends with any decor.  Antique Candle Co. offers their candles in a wonderful mason jar with a vintage style metal lid.  Can you say farmhouse?

Country Pear by Cotton Stem

Now it's all about the fragrance, right?  Well, Antique Candle Co. has spent countless hours blending each product with their signature fragrance combinations.  Every step of the process is carefully handcrafted in house by their team of candle chemists.  Each unique scent is incredible.  A few of my favorites are Country Pear by Cotton Stem, Wildflowers and Sweet Lemon.


Sweet Lemon

Brittany, owner of Antique Candle Co., is passionate about what she does.  You will be amazed when your candles arrive and how beautiful their packaging is.  Each mason jar will come in its own box, including the wax melts.  You will also receive an adorable muslin bag hand stamped with the Antique Candle Co. logo.

Happy Mail!
Look at all the wonderful smelling scents!

I am totally obsessed with Country Pear by Cotton Stem.  This luscious fragrance is unbelievable!  It truly is a timeless scent perfect for every season.  I loved it so much I bought several jars for my friends.

As part of my gift giving, I created the cute candle tags for each jar.

These candles will have you swooning my friends ...

Thank you for stopping to visit me!


Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Ooh that sounds like a lovely fragrance! I try to buy soy candles too and with cotton wicks. Those are really cute gift tags!

Donna Ellis said...

We love our soy candles, Donna! Congratulations on your new endeavor, and thanks for sharing about the gift tags! hugs, de

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

They look soooo expensive and lucious. Love your complimentary tags.
Faith x

Chris said...

Love these candles!

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