Monday, April 13, 2020

Goat Milk Soap

Hello friends,

I hope you are staying safe through COVID-19 and doing your part with social distancing.  Since my position is in healthcare I am still working and keeping busy trying to maintain a clean, germ free home.  

All this washing and scrubbing can really dry out your hands.  I've found the best soap to use is goat milk.  It has a creamy lather with a subtle smell of sweet milk.  Goat milk soap leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.  

Did you know goat milk is rich in Vitamin A and is perfect for sensitive skin?  Vitamin A can help reduce lines and wrinkles (and who doesn't want that!)  Goat milk soap is made through the process of saponification.  Naturally high in saturated and unsaturated fat, which is gentle and nourishing.

If you are looking for a soap that isn't harsh and keeps your skin healthy, I do recommend trying goat milk.

Until next time ...


KarinsArtScrap said...

Hi Donna hope you are safe too we are and the soap looks great
Gr Karin

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi!Thank you for your reccomendation.Hugs and blessings!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I LOVE the presentation of your beautiful soap, it looks so luscious.
Keep safe and well.
Faith x

Donna Ellis said...

Thanks, Donna!

Iqbal Saleem said...

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