Monday, August 1, 2016

Chamomile Tart Tin Soaps

Good morning,

I woke yesterday to the sound of rain.  It was so soothing to hear the drops falling.  The gardens desperately needed it and we received about 3+ inches.  The brown grass is already turning green again.  Since I knew I would be staying inside all day I thought I would try my hand at making some soaps using cute vintage tart tins.

Now, I have to admit I'm not very good when it comes to judging quantity so I purchased a 1/2 lb. of Shea butter soap base and shaved off about 1/2".  I then took the portion I cut and sliced it into cubes. I highly recommend you purchase a soap knife.  It will make your life much easier.  The sliced cubes were placed in a glass Pyrex measuring cup and placed in the microwave.  They were melted in 20-30 second intervals, stirring after each interval.  It took about 60 seconds for mine to completely melt.

While the soap was melting in the microwave, I spritzed the tins with rubbing alcohol.  This is an important step as it will help you remove your soap after they harden.  I just added rubbing alcohol to a mini mister bottle and it worked great.

After removing the melted soap I added 3 drops of Vitamin E oil and 8 drops of German Chamomile essential oil.  If you are not familiar with German Chamomile it has a bluish color.  Don't worry once you add your drops and stir the mixture you won't be able to tell.  Once I had everything mixed I then poured the soap into the tart tins.  I quickly added organic dried Chamomile flowers to the top and let the tins sit out for about an hour.  I then placed the tins in the refrigerator overnight and this morning the soap popped right out.

The cooling process will depend upon your conditions (temperature and humidity levels).

 I then placed the tins in the refrigerator overnight and this morning the soap popped right out.

I'm going to place 3 soaps in a cellophane bag and decorate it with crinkled seam binding with a tag.  So what do you think?  Aren't they cute?  Have you ever tried to make soap?

Thank you for stopping to visit.  Hope your August is off to a great start!


jinxxxygirl said...

I haven't tried to make soap but you sure make it sound alot easier than i've heard from other people... :) Do you use the same microwave you cook your food in? Hugs! deb

Connie B. said...

Wow! That looks like alot of work. But how pretty to have in your bathroom. You have such elegant projects.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

How cute is this? I love the tart tin for the mold and the dried chamomile flowers on top.

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Donna I have never seen anything like these beautiful tart shaped soaps they look delicious and sumptuous and decadent, awesome project
lorraine x

Betty said...

I have always wanted to make soap, but never had the chance. Most recipes call of lye and I am afraid of it. I saw my Mother get burned by it when I was a little girl and never got over it. I love chamomile and your soap sounds so nice.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Oh! these are so VERY beautiful, I bet they leave a beautiful perfume and hands as soft as a baby's bottom! Love the tartlet shape.

I haven't tried soap, but did your lemon scrub which was awesome!

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